International Journalism and literature contest. Teen Art Out magazine is looking for permanent editors

International Journalism and literature contest
Teen Art Out magazine is looking for permanent editors
Deadline: September 5, 2013

Teen Art Out – a teen magazine of art reviews, cultural and social topics
Teen Art Out wishes to become a personal approach to the outer world, the written testimony of our society, through the eyes of teenagers, and not only. Be it music, arts, literature, architecture, fashion, events or so many more, Teen Art Out is where you will read about it.
It is a place of wonder, a journey through fairytales and honest beliefs, a road filled with memories, dreams and hopes. Combining all that into a small magazine is our mission, and we hope to have you as our faithful reader.
We want to hear what you have to say, to make you a part of our team through insightful debates and interesting testimonies. This is a place for everyone, where we try to help anyone in need, to provide a friend through our pages.

Teen Art Out – free, accessible, easy to read – an online magazine (
Founded in January 2012, the magazine is now one of the top magazines in its field in Romania, being characterized by inventiveness, creativity, new form and freedom of clichés.
It promotes young talents and encourages interdisciplinarity as well cooperation and team work between students and specialists of different fields.

The purpose of this contest:
-the discovery and promotion of new talents
-collaboration with specialist in humanity fields: art, art history, art critique, archeology, history, philology, psychology etc.
– forming a solid and well-structured editorial team.

The contest is free and open to everybody.

Contestants are required to develop in approximately ½ pages the concept of a column (name, structure, no. of pages, report text vs. image, possible editors) and write an article for the September Issue: Collars and suits.
Note: Contestants can develop the concepts of an existing column to present their own view on or they can create a new one.
Existant sections:
*Cool story, bro: this is where we publish your stories, your fantasy pieces. If you can dream it, write it down and this is where we’ll publish it
*Social watch: basically articles that tackle social themes, relationship within people and countries, the “serious discussion”
*Teen Events: reviews of the events we were part of
*Ideas on Celluloid: the movie section. Reviews of movies, our opinions on people who make the magic happen, on the setting, on everything related to movies
*Interview: well, basically, we have interviews
*globetrotter: the section about travels, different places, different cultures
*psych(o): the psychology corner
*the song of my people: the music corner

We ask contestants to enclose their CV with contact data and current occupation.
All materials will be send at
Deadline: September 5, 2013, 24:00.

Judging criteria
Our editorial team is looking for people who have a vision for long-term development, with research and journalism ability, with an argumentative, scientific style but who can present their own personal input.
-task achievement

Award: the winning article gets published in the September Issue and the winner will be a permanent editor.
Note: the post is volunteer-only so no financial awards will be given.

About the September Issue: Collars and suits.
Collars and suits
For Teen Art Out no 12 we chose Delain’s “Collars and Suits”
Trying so hard to get by
To be the next big thing alive
But all the same
Every color I see, a pale shade of grey
Trying so hard and they say
„You’re just a signature away
Just one handshake”
Well here’s to collars and suits
And things that they say

„Once more it’s your chance, just take it
Once more, don’t be so blind
For all I care you fake it
It’s your chance to shine”

And it’s all
All that I dream of
There’s nothing I want more
There’s nothing I would trade it for
All I dream of
(My mistake if I’m not taking it)
It’s all I really want
(All at stake if I’m not making it)
There’s nothing I want more
My big break if I’m not braking it)
There’s nothing else
(My problem if I can’t take it)
It’s my problem if I can’t take it

Why would we change our own game
These are the rules by which we play
I’ve heard it all before
„Try to make up your mind
And make up your face”
I don’t believe in a way
To skip a chapter and be great
There’s no such thing
Where all traumas and flaws are gently erased

Here’s to the collars and suits
And the things they say
You’ve got bring something better to the
Table to tempt me
Here’s to the collars and suits
And the things they say
Better put your money where your mouth is

We live in a world of collars and suits. It’s a uniform and a norm. It’s what rules the world, it’s how you have to be for a high-power position. But how does that affect your personality? Do you ever become one with it?
One signature, one handshake and you move on. You work your way, become a mischievous persona and fight with everything you have… all for power.
Have you ever heard of “no collar, no service”? That means that collars and suits also bring you respect. They have power in their fabrics, they dress you up, give you confidence, open doors for you. And we all know that suits are to a woman what lingerie is to men.
So, tell us your story? What do you think of collars and suits? What about fashion itself and what about life? What of the power and respect? What of the job? Be creative and think big: collars and suits!

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